Grand Canyon Escalade bill not on council agenda

The Navajo Nation Council won’t take up the Grand Canyon Escalade bill during its spring session

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Actor Robert Redford Endorses Effort to Save the Confluence

“A group of courageous Navajo families who are fighting to save their sacred connection to their land. They welcome the opportunities for economic prosperity, but not at the expense of their culture,” Redford says in the video.

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Renewed Threats to Grand Canyon Loom

If you thought the Escalade tramway project was dead, it’s not. …

Despite several small victories along the way, commercial development and mining interests still remain a very real threat to the Grand Canyon.

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The Colorado River is threatened.

Developers want to build a tourist trap here. Oppose the Grand Canyon Escalade Project.
(Photo © Jack Dykinga.)

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The Confluence is life.

Oppose the Grand Canyon Escalade Project.
Development threatens rare life found nowhere else.
(Photo © Jack Dykinga.)

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Protect natural beauty.

The Grand Canyon Escalade Project threatens this.
Stop developers before it’s too late.

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A fragile ecosystem.

Don’t let developers destroy this.

Help us protect this area.

A place of prayer

People need this site to pray to the Holy People.

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Natural beauty threatened

The Escalade threatens this landscape.
Don’t let an ugly gondola tram destroy this.

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Tell the Council "No"

Send e-mail to Navajo Nation Council delegates opposing plans to build a tourist trap at The Confluence.

More than 35,000 petition signatures gathered.

Thousands of registered Navajo voters and even more worldwide have signed a petition opposing the Grand Canyon Escalade.

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Sign our online petition to the Navajo Nation Council opposing bad development.

Panel postpones Escalade bill to November

Panel postpones Escalade bill to November

After a tribal committee unanimously shot down a proposal to build a tourist resort at The Confluence, the Navajo Nation Council will hold a daylong work session to “study” the proposed development. But critics say the move is little more than a way for supporters of the project to lobby council members.

Sign Our Petition Opposing The Escalade

Please help stop bad development

31,536 signatures

Help Save the Confluence! Sign our online petition.

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