A proposed Grand Canyon Escalade bill is reportedly under review


Here is a copy of the proposed Grand Canyon Escalade project, which seeks the Navajo Nation Council’s approval.  The Confluence Partners LLC, a Scottsdale-based group, want to develop Grand Canyon East rim.

The proposed bill was released by executive officials two days after prominent Confluence Partner Albert Hale was arrested on suspicion of DUI in late November.

The Confluence Partners include Arizona Lawmaker Hale, former Apache County Superior Court Judge Michael Nelson and political consultant R. Lamar Whitmer. The Scottsdale-based group wants to develop Grand Canyon East rim.

Navajo Nation Department of Justice reportedly is reviewing the bill,  according to tribal officials.

Navajo Nation Legislative officials said they have not received the proposed bill.

Opponents of the project have turned over 2,935 signatures to Navajo lawmakers protesting the project.  About  30 names of grazing permit holders and land users was submitted to the legislative office.

16 mb PDF:

ProposedLegislationGrandCanyonEscaladeProjectWAttachmentsDec_11_2014 (1)

STC families refute a bill that adds Tuba City land to the Escalade project

Tuba City, AZ – This week’s Navajo Times had Deswood Tome, Navajo President Ben Shelly’s special adviser, who said the “Grand Canyon Escalade project is all but guaranteed.”

But what is more interesting is what Tome did not say.

The Navajo Times reported the following: Continue reading STC families refute a bill that adds Tuba City land to the Escalade project

Top Navajo official promotes the controversial Escalade

PAGE, Ariz.

The Grand Canyon Escalade project is all but guaranteed, according to President Ben Shelly’s special advisor Deswood Tome.

But detailed analysis of the proposed bill for the planned resort above the confluence of the Colorado and Little Colorado rivers raises questions for residents of Bodaway-Gap Chapter and the Navajo Nation in general.

Read at: http://navajotimes.com/tribes-share-escalade-revenue-depend-traffic

Preserving the East Rim of the Grand Canyon