A bill to protect Navajo sacred sites starts to move

A proposed bill to make parts of Grand Canyon East rim sacred may head to the Navajo Nation Council this year. The move comes as a developer threatens to take precious groundwater to generate electricity for cities.

Developer surrenders two dam permits on Little Colorado River

A Phoenix dam developer pulled permits Monday on two proposed dam projects on the Little Colorado River on the Navajo Nation after the feds issued an ultimatum to update his proposal.

A permit gives developer chance to threaten Confluence

Federal officials have given the green light to a developer who wants to build a dam to capture scarce water in drought-like conditions near the confluence of the Colorado and Little Colorado rivers.

Developer seeks two dams on Little Colorado River

Navajo Nation President Jonathan Nez on Friday told a developer who wants to build two dams on the Little Colorado River to respect the environment and listen to local land users.

Escalade 'Monster' killed

The Navajo Nation Council rejected a controversial plan to build a tourist development at the confluence of the Little Colorado and Colorado rivers, ending a years-long battle with outside developers.

One year later: A retrospective on Save the Confluence

A year after thwarting developers from ravaging the confluence of the Colorado and Little Colorado rivers  with a tourist stop that included a gondola tram into the Grand Canyon,  this hallowed place remains mired in tribal bureacracy preventing  families from creating a protected cultural and environmental site.

Navajo Suspends Backcountry Permits at East Rim

Hikers and campers will no longer be given permits to a chunk of the Grand Canyon East rim on the Navajo Nation because of lack of enforcement

The Confluence is Life

Developers want to build a tourist trap here. Oppose the Grand Canyon Escalade Project.

(Photo © Jack Dykinga.)

The Monster Has Been Slain

Families who fought for seven long years against outside developers to take their homeland away for a resort at the eastern edge of Grand Canyon celebrate.

Actor Robert Redford Endorses Effort to Save the Confluence

“A group of courageous Navajo families who are fighting to save their sacred connection to their land. They welcome the opportunities for economic prosperity, but not at the expense of their culture,” Redford says in the video.

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Thousands of registered Navajo voters and even more worldwide have signed a petition opposing the Grand Canyon Escalade.

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The latest from Save the Confluence

Family activists hit crossroads

Family activists hit crossroads

Even though the gondola proposal is dead, developers continue to try to exploit the area. Everything from proposals to drill for water in a land already stricken by long-term drought, to bringing Jeeps loaded with tourists onto the land continue to be pitched. Families, just struggling to survive on the land, as they have for generations, live in shacks with leaky roofs, no electricity and  no water unless it is hauled in by truck. Above all, the very culture of the people is at stake.

A bill to protect Navajo sacred sites starts to move

Feds puts dam developer on notice

A federal agency put a Phoenix developer on notice: Update information about two proposed dams by Friday on Navajoland. Otherwise, permits will be cancelled.

Trust hires new director for Grand Canyon

Trust hires new director for Grand Canyon

“We believe the Big Canyon Dam remains the developer’s priority, but we are ready to take action when the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) makes any decision related to the dams,” said Amanda Podmore

Confluence headed for Navajo sacred site designation

Confluence headed for Navajo sacred site designation

“They (outsiders) just want to exploit for money. It’s hard for some people to understand the concept of ‘Not everything has to be about money,”‘ said Rita Bilagody, Save the Confluence spokeswoman. “This bill will send a loud message to outsiders that, we will fight for our sacred sites and will fight any attempts of desecration and destroying these sites.”

Navajo leaders, residents mull Big Canyon Dam study

Navajo Nation intervenes in Big Canyon

The Navajo Nation has filed a motion to intervene in a proposal to build a dam at Big Canyon, near the site where a developer three years ago was kicked out after trying to build a gondola tram and tourist resort.

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