• Oppose the Grand Canyon Escalade Project

    Developers want to build a tourist trap here.

    (Photo © Jack Dykinga.)

    The Colorado River is threatened.
  • Oppose the Grand Canyon Escalade Project

    Development threatens rare life found nowhere else.

    (Photo © Jack Dykinga)

    The Confluence is life.
  • The Grand Canyon Escalade Project threatens this.

    Stop developers before it's too late.

    (Photo © Jack Dykinga.)

    Protect natural beauty.
  • Oppose the Grand Canyon Escalade Project

    Stop bad development.

    Protect this sacred site
  • Don't let developers destroy this.

    Help us protect this area.

    A fragile ecosystem
  • This is a holy site.

    People need this site to pray to the Holy People.

    A place of prayer
  • The Escalade threatens this landscape.

    Don't let an ugly gondola tram destroy this.

    Natural beauty threatened
  • Let us determine our future. We were here first.

    Stop the Land Grab

More than 18 American Indian Tribes
call The Confluence sacred.

Shrines, prayer spots, and even places of emergence exist here.
 Why would anyone ignore the will of more than a half-million Native people -- the size of many middle-America cities?

Featured video

Renae Yellowhorse talks about why the Confluence is sacred to the Diné and other American Indian people. If the site is desecrated, she asks, "Where would our prayers go?"
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