As we wrap up 2023, and start a new year, we’d like to say thanks to all who supported our efforts to protect the homeland at and near the confluence of the Colorado and Little Colorado rivers.

A special thanks to Grand Canyon Trust and the Kataly Foundation for financial, and technical, support.

In 2023, we:

  • distributed wood to elders and others living in isolation in western Bodaway.
  • conducted informative aerial tours for Navajo Nation Council delegates, with the help of Colorado-based EcoFlight.
  • hosted a community get-together that included decision-makers at all levels, including the Navajo Nation Council.
  • Provided financial help to families struggling to maintain a presence on the land near the Confluence.
  • Advocated for tribal legislation and policies to better protect the unique, traditional way of life in the region.

This effort would not exist without all of our supporters.

Some of our other supporters, but not all, include: Klee Benally, Rita Bilagody, Marley Shebala, Nora Greenblatt, Paul VanDevelder, Eco Flight and many others.