Families who fought for seven long years against outside developers who wanted to take their homeland away from them to build a tourist resort at the eastern edge of the Grand Canyon celebrate the death of the proposal.

This group video captures the moment after the vote when the families and their closest supporters celebrated the end of the years-long struggle:

On Halloween night 2017, the Navajo Nation Council, in a special session, voted 16-2, to kill the proposal by Confluence Partners LLC to build what they called the Grand Canyon Escalade.

The Escalade would have removed sovereignty from the Navajo Nation for 420 acres, prevented residents from using their land for traditional grazing, displaced others, threatened sacred sites, and built over burial grounds of ancestors. Hopi and Zuni tribes joined in the opposition, which swelled to include more than 65,000 others from around the world, as well as the National Parks Service.

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