Russell Begaye speaks after election

Russell Begaye

Newly sworn-in Navajo Nation President Russell Begaye has reasserted his opposition to the Grand Canyon Escalade.

Here is his formal statement, released today:

“The agreement signed yesterday during the Inauguration between President Russell Begaye and outgoing Ben Shelly was historic and a symbolic gesture of Ahiɫ na’ anish, a smooth transition and an agreement in principle as a new administration takes office.

The listing of projects on the agreement are those of the Shelly-Jim administration. The Begaye-Nez administration will vet and evaluate each project and determine whether the project will be in the best interest of the Navajo Nation and our people.

As for the project, Grand Canyon Escalade, this Administration has already stated it does not support the Grand Canyon Escalade project and that position has not changed, as Mr. Begaye has stated it is not in the best interest of the Navajo Nation and the Navajo people.”

~ Russell Begaye, President of the Navajo Nation