Las Vegas at night.

Las Vegas at night.

Critique of a developer’s plan to haul tourists on a tramway to the Colorado River.

Op-Ed: Mar 11, 2014

By Carolyn Hopper

Last June I was lucky enough to join a raft trip through the Grand Canyon. The experience was extraordinary.

The river was a cold, clear green, the result of Glen Canyon Dam holding back its silt. A couple of days and 62 miles into our float journey, we arrived at a magical place known as the Confluence, where the Little Colorado and Colorado rivers meet, a place that’s been designated a world heritage site.

There, a sweep of layered, multi-colored stone steps away in mesas toward the canyon rim, 4,000 feet above us and less than a mile away. It is a view comparable to a cathedral’s brilliant red and blue windows.

But there are plans to “improve” it.

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