Inappropriate development for the Confluence is Fulcrum Group’s, aka Confluence Partners, proposal for a tram and other tourist amenities that would scar the land.

Inappropriate development is keeping secrets from the people affected by the Confluence Partners’ most recent plan to develop the rim and the floor of the Confluence.

Inappropriate development is people with questionable backgrounds pursuing development at the Confluence.

Inappropriate development is a Navajo Nation president back-flipping on a stance he made not to develop the confluence.

Inappropriate development is Fulcrum Group deceiving investors saying they have the stakeholder’s support, which is not true.

Inappropriate development is stakeholders taking nearly three weeks to get copies of the MOU, which confirmed and unveiled new plans they had not seen.

Inappropriate development is the Navajo Nation President Ben Shelly’s failure to put the project out for bid because other developers may have had other idea, which is less intrusive to the Grand Canyon and the area.

Inappropriate development is a proposal to send millions to the Navajo Nation General Funds leaving the Bodaway community in third world condition.

Appropriate development is not to destroy the beauty of the Confluence.

Appropriate development is not to destroy the traditional Navajo people’s way of life, which includes raising sheep and journeying to the Confluence to pray to the Holy People.

Appropriate development might be creating a Bodaway Preserve at the Confluence.

Appropriate development might be closer to Highway 89 near Gap or Cedar Ridge.

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