A 3D video rendition of the proposed Escalade resort caught the ire of a key proponent, who accused the makers of possibly being on drugs at the time it was made.

Lamar Whitmer, one of three partners in Confluence Partners LLC, said in an interview with KTVK-TV (Channel 3) in Phoenix of the video creators, “I think they all ought to be drug tested.”

The video, embedded here, shows a graphical representation of the project’s scale, based on project plans provided by the developers.

Whitmer, whose project has been overwhelmingly opposed worldwide, and also by the National Park Service, complained that the video was “10 or 20 times” scaled larger than the actual resort plans.

However, American Rivers spokesman Jeff Wiedner says that the animation in the video was created to scale, based on landscape plans that the Confluence Partners, themselves, provided.

American Rivers, a non-profit conservation group, collected 58,000 online petition signatures opposing the Escalade. Those signatures are being counted by the Navajo Nation, tribal officials said.

“We are confident the video is as accurate as the plans they provided,” Wiedner said.

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