Tell members of the 23rd Navajo Nation Council to say No to the proposed Grand Canyon Escalade.

Navajo Nation Council meeting in Window Rock, Ariz.

Navajo Nation Council meeting in Window Rock, Ariz.

Alleged Scottsdale developers, Confluence Partners, aka Fulcrum Group, lobbied the Navajo council this year to build a luxury resort/tram for tourist.

They want council members to introduce legislation that would allow them to do the following:

  • Place a tram on the sheer walls of Grand Canyon Eastern Rim,
  • develop a restaurant on the floor of the canyon,
  • build a hotel on the canyon rim overlooking the Colorado and Little Colorado Rivers and
  • pave 27-miles of hard-scrabbled road to the resort site.

Reportedly, Confluence Partners plan to ask the council for a loan to pave the road.

Send a comment directly to the Navajo Nation Council

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Comments may be:

  • e-mailed to, or
  • Snail mailed to:
    Executive Director, Office of Legislative Services
    P.O. Box 3390
    Window Rock, AZ 86515
  • Faxed to: (928) 871-7259

Here is a list of e-mails of the Navajo Nation Council:

Council Delegates Email Address
LoRenzo C. Bates
Kee Allen Begay, Jr.
Norman M. Begay
Nelson Begaye
Benjamin Bennett
Nathaniel Brown
Tom Chee
Amber Crotty
Seth Damon
Davis Filfred
Jonathan Hale
Lee Jack, Sr.
Jonathan Perry
Leonard Pete
Walter Phelps
Alton Joe Shepherd
Tuchoney Slim, Jr.
Raymond Smith, Jr.
Otto Tso
Leonard Tsosie
Dwight Witherspoon
Edmund Yazzie
Herman Daniels, Jr.

Source: Navajo Nation Office of Legislative Services, as provided on May 12, 2016.

Some information is outdated, as provided by NNOLS. Corrections may be sent to the Office of Legislative Services at (928) 871-7254.
(Some corrections already have been made by STC, such as the removal of Mel Begay from this list; however, other inaccuracies may still remain from the list provided by NNOLS.)